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Ok, when last I left this, I was on this massive derail about art.  But the plot itself is what I want to concentrate on here.  It’s not that bad.  I’m not feeling all “whoazen this is awesome”, but neither am I gagging.  It’s just that kind of night.

The last panel I excerpted was a weird femme-fatale taking the seat next to RM on a plane he boarded.  She soon turns out to be some demon-thing, there to collect his soul.



Mitch – that’s RM – is “out of time.  This comes into play later in the issue, as another bounty hunter attempts to catch and de-soul him.  The plane crashes after demon-thing #1 and Mitch battle in the sky, and he has yet more blood on his hands.

Remember the “looks like a different comic” thing from last RM post?  Of course you don’t, but bear with me.  After Mitch melts away post-crash (his new power apparently being that of embodying grief), we cut back to the morgue he work up in initially.  Two costumed women are holding up the morgue, interrogating the workers, looking for “John Doe” – guess who.

Annnnnd then we’re back to the forest to see Mitch pursued by another bounty-hunter, this time disguised as a firefighter.


Note the freaky eyes and blood-drop mark on the cheek.  Also, note the “basement office” being interested.  HA!  GET IT?  BASEMENT OFFICE!  HELLZ, YO!

I’m cranky tonight, so I’m just going to break it down plainly:  character has ability to reincarnate, is pursued by demons, there’s lots of fallout.  If I was in a better mood, I’m sure I’d be more interested.  It’s the first issue – maybe they just needed the time/space to do groundwork.  I’m just not terribly invested at the moment.  Which could very well be me more than anything.  But there you have it – a kind of “meh” reading from the new reader.

Any literature is a hightly subjective experience, with the author(s) and all of their ideas, influences, and references talking to the ideas, memories, influences, etc. in the readers’ heads.  There’s so much chatter that sometimes the text* itself may get lost in the shuffle.  Therefore, sometimes one has to toss a text aside, or reread it at a later date.  One could always just plod along and keep an open mind, as I will be doing when I look at issue 2.


*”text” – whoa, see what I did there?  I just laid some lit-major speak on you!


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Elusive, indeed.

Yes, yes, the “I’m sorry I haven’t posted” post.  I hate these, swore I’d never do one, but here I am, AGAIN!

I’ve not forgotten my little blog here, I’d just been really, really wrapped up with life stuff.  So I’m firing up the comics viewer again and see what I can judge.

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